Gypsy Sticks was formed from the steel melted by a phoenix rising from an auto salvage yard in Lafayette, Louisiana. The steel frame of a '66 Chevelle was twisted and pulled and stretched until it formed a drum kit, amps, guitars and more! Legend has it that only the worthy, untarnished souls of Rock Stars could turn these steel instruments into real life Rock gear! For years, these phoenix formed, steel sculptures sat in the corner of the salvage yard, gathering dust, until one day…

Rich and Ryan met at the salvage yard and were intrigued by a humming sound coming from the Chevy side of the yard. Sean (the owner) said he'd never heard that before, so Rich went to check it out. He pulled off a tarp that was covering a huge pile to discover the steel instruments, vibrating for some reason. Rich grabbed a guitar and no sooner than it touched his hand, the guitar turned into a Fender Strat, American Deluxe edition!

Ryan, seeing all the commotion, picked up a set of steel drumsticks and suddenly the entire drum kit morphed into a set of Tama drums, right before his eyes! Sean grabbed a steel power cord that was lying on the ground and, lo and behold, a mixer and all the steel cables came to life with flashing lights and buzzing sounds! Rich and Ryan started playing a few tunes together with Sean on the board, and Benny and Bryan just happened to be walking by and decided to check out what was going on.

Benny grabbed a bass guitar from the pile and it turned into an Ibanez 1200 Series, with a nice wood finish and a snappy bottom end that was destined to play some funk. Meanwhile, Bryan, being the slightly greedy diva that he is, grabbed several guitars at once, and they all morphed into various guitars that legend has long since forgotten the names of…

The guys started playing Welcome to the Jungle and, as if called back from the sun, the phoenix flew over the salvage yard. As it passed over the makeshift stage, lightning struck several times, leaving the phoenix's mark on several things, such as Rich's guitar, the drum shield, and even the tarp that had been covering the pile of steel instruments. Unfortunately, Bryan was struck by lightning as well.

From over the fence, Cortney came into the salvage yard, where she picked up a microphone and it turned into a Shure Beta 58. She began singing the lyrics to Don't Stop Believing as Rich pounded away on the keys. Bryan, feeling a little green with envy, decided to play this repetitive guitar lick over and over and faster and faster on top of Rich's piano playing. The beginning of a split in the newly formed band was happening...

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Gypsy Sticks has been nominated 4 years straight for the "Best Cover Band" in the Times of Acadiana "Best of" polls, and has made it into the Top 5 finals for the past two years, including "Best Cover Band" and "Best Local Rock Band" for 2017.

Check out the Gypsy Sticks on stage and you won't be disappointed. From Motley Crue to Guns N' Roses to Def Leppard to Seven Mary Three, Gypsy Sticks plays it all. Every Gypsy Sticks show is a showcase of all your favorites, and these guys refuse to fit into any mold, playing a variety of genres, including Rock, Country, Pop, Funk and Dance! Gypsy Sticks covers artists such as Prince, Young MC, The Commodores, Rehab, Keith Whitley, Ozzy Osbourne, Biz Markie, Maurice Day and the Time, and so many more!

And if you do make it to a show, be sure to ask them to play Bryan's favorite song, "Woodpecker"!

Bryan Hudson - Lead Guitar/Vocals