When lightning struck Bryan, his body reacted violently, spinning him into a deep, dark place, where music couldn't be played without the help of multiple effects pedals, slides and Floyd Rose bridges. It even got so bad, he had to have a guitar with a midi cable to play some songs.

Bryan instantly became so skilled at guitar, he started playing solos for Purple Rain, Comfortably Numb, and even Every Rose Has Its Thorn! It was like his fingers each had a mind of their own, yet somehow managed to think in harmony and scales with each other!

From that day forward, he became known as "The Pedal Parader", and his sole focus in life was to shred guitar solos, stepping over vocals at every opportunity. He vowed to get revenge on Rich and Ryan for ever tempting him to pick up those steel guitars.



Rich Murff - Vocals, Guitar, Keys

Bryan's Gear

Eventide H9 Pedal EVH Wah Pedal::For that authentic Eddie Van Halen wah! Roland FC 300 Foot Controller Roland VG 99 Zoom G3 Parker Vernon Reid Signature Guitar Parker PDF70FR Guitar Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier Amp Mesa Boogie 4x12::Mesa Boogie 4x12 Cabinet with Vintage 30 Speakers Mission Control::The Countdown's On The Space Shuttle and Booster Rocket::Preparing for lift-off!