On that fateful day in the salvage yard, Rich was strumming the Strat (that's what the kids are calling it these days) when suddenly he popped a string (again, what the kids are calling it). He picked up another steel guitar that transformed into a Taylor T-5 and somehow, at the same time, he began playing the intro to Love Song, by Tesla and a large scarlett "A" was emblazoned on his t-shirt.

Rich continued playing acoustic songs such as Every Rose Has Its Thorn, Picture, and Wish You Were Here, to the delight of everyone there that day, except the Pedal Parader, who was furious that Rich was getting all the attention.

It was now official, Rich would be known as the "Acoustic Anomaly", his mission: to seek out venues that were in desperate need of good music, and bring back the patrons that had abandoned these venues because of the lack of quality music being played there.

On the other side of the junk pile...

Ryan Landry - Drums

Rich's Gear

Digitech Live 5 Vocal Pedal::This vocal pedal makes my vocals sound tolerable! TC Helicon Harmony GXT::This TC Helicon Harmony GXT pedal comes in handy for acoustic gigs when I need someone to sing the harmonies! TC Electronics Ditto Looper::I plan to use this Ditto Looper for songwriting for the next CD! Boss TU-2 Chromatic Tuner::The trusty standby tuner! I use it mainly to split my guitar signal to different feeds for the vocal pedal and my amp, but it comes in handy for tuning every now and then too. 2008 Taylor T5 Custom Guitar::This Taylor T5 Custom guitar is my first stage guitar. I bought it several years ago shortly after forming Gypsy Sticks and realizing the old beat up Yamaha acoustic guitar I had wasn’t going to work for the stage. (My daughter now owns the Yamaha) 1978 Peavey T-60 Guitar::1978 is the first year the T-60 was made. I got this 1978 T-60 from my sister for the super low price of $80. Someone owed her $80 and gave her the guitar as payment, which she sold to me. I changed the pickups to the blade style toasters, but other than that, it’s all original. This guitar has become my favorite in my small collection. Line 6 Spider III Amp::I bought this Line 6 Spider III amp at a pawn shop several years ago and it’s the only amp I use. FBV MKII Shortboard Pedal::This FBV MKII Pedal is a recent addition to my gear, but I love it. Made to work with the Line 6 Spider series amps, it’s the perfect combination for me and keeps my pedal board from being cluttered by allowing me to preset the effects I need on the amp and select them live on stage. Yamaha Mox6 Synthesizer::Benny bought this synthesizer for me because he was tired of our The Leopard Print Hat::This special hat, bought at a truck stop in Gonzales, LA, possesses the power to make me sound good on stage. Without it, I am lost!