Ryan was busy dusting his new drums when the lightning began to strike, and a small spark reflected off of one of the drum shields and hit him in the chest, electrocuting his heart at a specific voltage that was just enough to cause his heart to start beating irregularly.

He quickly learned to control his heart beat, however, and used that control to keep time when playing the drums. He could make his heart beat at any tempo, on demand. He became known as the "Beat Master". His job was twofold: to keep Rich in time, and to be louder than any other musician on earth.

He was exceptionally good at the second job, but some would argue that Rich didn't need anyone to keep him in time. At any rate, Ryan was now able to play his favorite songs in perfect time, including Interstate Love Song, Cumbersome and My Sacrifice.

Benny is watching all this happen, when...

Benny Bernard - Bass Guitar