Rich ends up in Downtown Lafayette and decides to head to Agave for some fried rabbit and french fries. He loves their fried rabbit and figures maybe he'll meet some musicians there since they always have live music at Agave. Benny winds up at Agave as well to sample their "Best of Acadiana" Margaritas. After their visits to Dr. Chauvin, Bryan and Sarah also end up at Agave, and when they recognize each other from the doctor's office, they say hello and Sarah notices Bryan has a guitar with him. They start talking about music when Rich, Cory and Benny all overhear them. It becomes one big conversation about music and bands and everyone is enjoying the afternoon. The manager walks over to the collection of tables they've pushed together and asks if they are in a band together because his entertainment for the night has canceled. Well, what do you know? Destiny has peeked his little head around the fence and said hello.

Meanwhile, Ross and Brandon are walking up and down the streets of Downtown Lafayette, looking for something, but they aren't sure what. As they pass by Agave they notice a band setting up without a drummer. Ross walks over to the fence and yells at them, "HEY! YOU CAN'T PLAY ROCK MUSIC WITHOUT A DRUMMER!" Rich looks at him, looks at Benny and Bryan, looks back at Ross and says, well you can't be any worse than these two and opens the back gate for Ross and Brandon to come in.

And now you know, the rest of the story!

Gypsy Sticks has been nominated 4 years straight for the "Best Cover Band" in the Times of Acadiana "Best of" polls, and has made it into the Top 5 finals for the past two years, including "Best Cover Band" and "Best Local Rock Band" for 2017.

Check out the Gypsy Sticks on stage and you won't be disappointed. From Motley Crue to Guns N' Roses to Def Leppard to Seven Mary Three, Gypsy Sticks plays it all. Every Gypsy Sticks show is a showcase of all your favorites, and these guys refuse to fit into any mold, playing a variety of genres, including Rock, Country, Pop, Funk and Dance! Gypsy Sticks covers artists such as Prince, Young MC, The Commodores, Rehab, Keith Whitley, Ozzy Osbourne, Biz Markie, Maurice Day and the Time, and so many more!

And if you do make it to a show, be sure to ask them to play Bryan's favorite song, "Woodpecker"!