Welsh, Louisiana, home of DQ, a red light and two or three stop signs. Benny is sleeping in late this afternoon. Lying in bed in his Scooby Doo boxers, a pint of Fireball and a fifth of Wild Turkey on his nightstand. It was a great night of partying after coming back from his 14 day hitch on the rig.

He slowly cracks open his left eye, and just for a moment, he looks like a bald Rich, then he slowly opens his other eye and Rich is gone. He climbs out of bed and his Scooby Doo boxers reluctantly follow him to the bathroom. A quick shower and shave and he starts packing up some gear. He loads his new bass guitar and Rumble amp into his Navigator and heads to Lafayette, determined to join a band.


Bryan Hudson - Vocals, Guitar

Benny's Gear

Ibanez 1200 Series Bass Guitar Ampeg SVT IV Pro Amp Head Ampeg 8X10 Bass Cabinet Fender Rumble 350 Bass Amp Korg Pitchblack Chromatic Tuner Ash Down Bass Sub-octave Plus