Meanwhile, in the sleepy suburban town of Youngsville, Louisiana, Bryan is practicing feverishly to perfect the solo to Van Halen's Jump. In his all american home near the main strip of this growing metropolis, he has turned a utility room into his own personal studio. He is a collector of many things, including guitars, star wars collectibles, NASCAR paraphanalia and much more.

Suddenly, he feels something inside him starting to burn. He thinks at first it's probably the spicey chicken quesadillas he ate for breakfast this morning. However, the heat in his belly begins to elevate to a point that he becomes genuinely concerned about his health and decides to go to the doctor. He loads up his Parker and Jackson guitars (he decides two guitars is enough for a trip to the doctor) and his Mesa Boogie amp and heads to Lafayette to see Dr. Chauvin.


Ross Decoux - Drums

Bryan's Gear

Eventide H9 Pedal EVH Wah Pedal::For that authentic Eddie Van Halen wah! Roland FC 300 Foot Controller Roland VG 99 Zoom G3 Parker Vernon Reid Signature Guitar Parker PDF70FR Guitar Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier Amp Mesa Boogie 4x12::Mesa Boogie 4x12 Cabinet with Vintage 30 Speakers Mission Control::The Countdown's On The Space Shuttle and Booster Rocket::Preparing for lift-off!