On the south side of Bayou Teche, lives a strange little guy that goes by the name Ross. Rumor has it he's an alien from some other planet, but no one is brave enough to ask him. They are scared that he will probe them with those little sticks he carries around with him. On this cold day on the bayou, Ross is practicing paradiddles (ok, paradiddles? he's definitely an alien, I'm just sayin') in his attic while listening to Rush.

In walks his drum tech/young padawan, Brandon, who seems to have this mischeivous look in his eyes. Ross asks him what's up and Brandon starts falling all over himself telling Ross that the stars are aligned in some strange configuration that only happens once every two days and that they have to go to Lafayette because something big is about to happen. So, they pack up Ross' drums and head to Lafayette.


Sarah Olivier - Vocals